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  1. Robin’s Song 0:30
  2. Grifter 0:30
  3. Play the Game 0:30
  4. White Lightning 0:30
  5. Tonight’s the Night 0:30
  6. Heather Smiles 0:30
  7. I Had a Dream 0:30
  8. Remembering 0:30
  9. Loner 0:30
  10. Moonlight Love 0:30
  11. Face a Reality 0:30
  12. I Think Only of You 0:30
  13. I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire 0:30
about mary

Mary is a singer/songwriter and her work includes the CD’s  Street Spirits, recorded with Dan Morrow and “Garnett Edwards First Stone”, recorded with her late husband Doug Edwards in 1997 and the latest full CD release “WHITE LIGHTNING”, released in 2020.

Born in Canada Mary started singing and playing guitar and writing a first song at the age of ten.  By the time she was 12 years old, her mom took her down to the Barricade Coffee House in Edmonton where she sang her original songs.  She continued to play coffee houses on open mic nights in Vancouver at the Classical joint, Soft Rock Cafe, Kits House and other cafes after moving to Vancouver.

Mary recorded in the early 70s with Doug Mix, a songwriter and lead guitarist at Psi Chord Studio, Ocean Sound, Trebas Recording.  Mary was also involved in an original rock band “Breeze”, Doug Mix matched Mary with another vocalist Tasi Sharpe, creating a unique sound with hard hitting vocals and perfect harmonies.

Robin Spurgin, the founder of the Psi Chord Studio, recorded all of Mary’s originals songs in one night for future use.  When Mary’s husband Doug Edwards (Skylark, Chilliwack) passed away from cancer in 2016, she found those old tracks.  She believed it was time to sing them again.

In 2019 Mary asked producer Andreas Schuld if he would help her make an album and he accepted.  “White Lightning” was recorded at Studio Down Under with Soren Lonnqvist at the controls.  The album is a collection of 13 of Mary’s originals songs including “Robin’s Song” for her dear nurturing friend, and 3 songs by a Vancouver songwriter John Holbrook whom she met in 1990. The song “I Had A Dream” was featured on the award winning documentary “The Circle of Eagles” in 2020.  The finishing touches are almost in-place for her next album release.

Mary is working on her music and singing every day. Happiness is what she strives for and music is Mary’s happiness.

white lightning
Play the game​
Tonight's the night
I had a dream​
I think only of you
Heather Smiles
Set The World On Fire
White Lightning LIVE @ Vancouverr Island Music Festival 2022

Photo Shoot

Mary with Dee Lippingwell for the album cover shoot.

Mary with songwriter John Holbrook at the Medicine Show with Host Jason Lawrence. 

Recording Day

Mary with the musicians.  From left Norm Fisher, bass, Mary, Andreas Shuld, producer/guitar, Daryl Havers, keyboards, and Pat Steward, drums.